Coin Operated Pet Bath
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  • Fibreglass constructed - durable and hygienic.
  • Waist high bath which is easier on your back.
  • Extended sides, back & front wall - to reduce water splash and restrain dogs.
  • Fibreglass constructed coin operated box with time display, coin mechanism and 8 station rotary switch.
  • With chemical metering pumps and water flow valve.
  • Turbo electric dog dryer with flexible hose.
  • Easy access door for chemical replacement and maintenance.
  • Fixed or portable bath operating system allowing for flexibility.
  • Dimensions: 1.7 m long x 1.7 m high x 0.6 m wide.
Whether you own a Veterinary Clinic, Pet Grooming Shop, Pet Store or Car Wash the Chieftain Fibreglass Coin Operated Pet Wash Bath can earn and generate that extra income for your business. The Pet Wash System does all the work for you, starting with the shampoo selection, then the rinse followed by the flea rinse and finally to give your dog the professional finish by selecting the powerful blow dryer, all operated by the turn of the rotary switch. If there is a dog in town find out more about this money making machine. Contact Us Today!
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